Chemical elements
    Chemical properties
      Yttrium fluoride
      Yttrium chloride
      Yttrium bromide
      Yttrium chlorate
      Yttrium perchlorate
      Yttrium bromate
      Yttrium iodate
      Yttrium per-iodate
      Yttrium sesquioxide
      Yttrium hydroxide
      Yttrium sulphide
      Yttrium sulphite
      Yttrium sulphate
      Yttrium dithionate
      Yttrium selenite
      Yttrium selenate
      Yttrium tungstate
      Yttrium silicotungstate
      Yttrium nitrate
      Yttrium orthophosphate
      Acid yttrium orthophosphate
      Yttrium hydrogen pyrophosphate
      Yttrium metaphosphate
      Yttrium carbide
      Yttrium carbonate
      Yttrium platinocyanide
      Yttrium thiocyanate
      Yttrium oxalate
      Yttrium ethylsulphate
      Yttrium acetylacetonate
      Yttrium silicate
    PDB 1dde-3uf3

Yttrium chloride, YCl3

For the preparation and properties of the anhydrous salt. It is a hygroscopic, colourless, crystalline solid, perceptibly volatile at a bright red heat.

The hexahydrate, YCl3.6H2O, crystallises in colourless, monoclinic prisms and melts at 156° to 160°. The monohydrate, YCl3.H2O, is also known.

Yttrium aurichloride, YCl3.2AuCl3.16H2O (Cleve), and yttrium mercuric chloride, YClS.3HgCl2.9H2O, are known.

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