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      Yttrium fluoride
      Yttrium chloride
      Yttrium bromide
      Yttrium chlorate
      Yttrium perchlorate
      Yttrium bromate
      Yttrium iodate
      Yttrium per-iodate
      Yttrium sesquioxide
      Yttrium hydroxide
      Yttrium sulphide
      Yttrium sulphite
      Yttrium sulphate
      Yttrium dithionate
      Yttrium selenite
      Yttrium selenate
      Yttrium tungstate
      Yttrium silicotungstate
      Yttrium nitrate
      Yttrium orthophosphate
      Acid yttrium orthophosphate
      Yttrium hydrogen pyrophosphate
      Yttrium metaphosphate
      Yttrium carbide
      Yttrium carbonate
      Yttrium platinocyanide
      Yttrium thiocyanate
      Yttrium oxalate
      Yttrium ethylsulphate
      Yttrium acetylacetonate
      Yttrium silicate
    PDB 1dde-3uf3

Yttrium sulphate, Y2(SO4)3

The specific heat of the anhydrous Yttrium sulphate, Y2(SO4)3, between 0° and 100° is 0.1319.

yttrium sulphate solubility diagram
The system Y2(SO4)3 - Na2SO4 - H2O at 25° C. Solubility diagram.
The monoclinic octahydrate, Y2(SO4)3.8H2O, is the only hydrate known. At 25° the saturated solution contains 5.38 grams of anhydrous sulphate per 100 grams of water. Its solubility diminishes with rise of temperature.

The following double sulphates are known (Cleve): - Y2(SO4)3.Na2SO4.2H2O; Y2(SO4)3.(NH4)2SO4.9H2O; 2Y2(SO4)3.3K2SO4; Y2(SO4)3.4K2SO4.

The addition of sodium sulphate increases the solubility of yttrium sulphate at first, and then causes the solubility to diminish rapidly. With diminution in solubility is associated a change in solid phase, from hydrated yttrium sulphate to double salt. Solutions supersaturated with respect to the double salt may remain in the metastable state for several months. The solubility curve for a temperature of 25° is shown in fig.

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